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Robbie Hay

Story 25 :: Full Time Ministry

I became worship leader for Raffa after graduation. I also began to travel nearly every weekend with Larry. He would minister in various churches and I would play the keyboard so he could prophesy as the Lord led him. Keep Reading

How To Worship A King :: Review

Wow, this book was amazing. I’m not sure I can fit it all into this review. If you grew up in a Word church, some of the material may not be new to you. However, the light Zach Neese shines on known principles illuminates and offers a refreshing perspective to churchy jargon and spiritual practice. So, let me just jump right in. Keep Reading

Story 24 :: My Mentor

It was my senior year at Lee. There was a minister, Larry Reese, back at my home church who took special interest in me. Larry was acquainted with what I do by what I had done in the church over the years. He approached me one day and asked if I would visit one of the upcoming monthly meetings for Raffa. Raffa Front-Line Ministries was the ministry God gave to Larry Reese. The monthly meetings at that time were located at a small house in Lawrenceville. However, the meetings were not small by any means. I remember driving up the street and seeing cars wrapped around the neighborhood. People would travel from long distances to come. There was a full band and about 20 chairs set up in the split level unfinished basement. It looked pretty rough in there. But the people piled in. The sliding basement door was opened and people began to stand outside to hear the word of the Lord. Keep Reading

Story 23 :: Do You Have a Job?

I remember the last week of classes at college. I was graduation with a B.A. in Communications and a minor is Music and Pastoral Ministries. I was in my last communications class for all of the Seniors. Everyone was sharing where they were going after graduation. Many had already secured jobs or were moving on to get their Masters. When it came around to me, I was at a lost. It seemed I was the only one moving on to this next phase of life without any direction. Keep Reading

Story 22 :: Graduation Present

It was graduation day. I’ll never forget the atmosphere. My family was all there, even my sister with her two week old baby. When I crossed the stage my family gave me the loudest shout. In the midst of all I went through, my family has always been there. I could not have asked for anything better. They stood with me through thick and thin. They were always my biggest fans and supporters. My mother is a tremendous intercessor, and I swear I may have never made it without her commitment and cries out to God that He work on my behalf. Keep Reading

Story 21 :: Senior Testimony

Toward the end of my Senior year, one day, I received a letter in my inbox that the office of the president wanted to see me. I didn’t know what for so I went to the office. President Conn, the president of Lee University, had specifically named me with a few other seniors to give our testimony before the entire student body at chapel. We had about 5-10 minutes to share. Keep Reading

Story 20 :: Campus Choir

That same spring semester, the choir I had watched from a distance was having an open tryout. It was spring which meant there were not a lot of openings. There were lots of applicants and I decided I was going to be one of them. Campus Choir was known for being a worshipful choir with students hungry for experiences with God. I tried out with an original song. Nothing super exciting happened. They would post the new members later in the week. Well, I made it. Again, I was a little shocked. There was so much talent at Lee, it was just hard to know how you measured up. Keep Reading

Story 19 :: Pi Kappa Pi

I returned to Lee for spring semester with a renewed outlook on life and determined to make it a better year. Within the first week of being back, I got a knock on my apartment door. I went to open it and there stood three guys from Pi Kappa Pi, one of the fraternities on campus. Keep Reading

Story 18 :: Search for a Mentor

For the first time, I felt the restoration of the Lord. He was with me. I felt His approval. He was not mad at me. He was not trying to “teach” me a lesson. He was active in my life, leading and allowing me to suffer wrongs. I finally felt I was not alone in my journey. Dr. Moore seemed to be the spiritual mentor and father I was needing. Keep Reading

Story 17 :: The Turn Around

At the beginning of my Junior year, I enrolled in Old Testament Theology with Dr. Rickie Moore. It was by far the best class I took at Lee during my four years at Lee. During the next three months, the Lord would begin to bring back the purity of my calling, my prophetic voice, and the confidence that He was with me and faithful to complete that which He began in me. Keep Reading