Story 20 :: Campus Choir

That same spring semester, the choir I had watched from a distance was having an open tryout. It was spring which meant there were not a lot of openings. There were lots of applicants and I decided I was going to be one of them. Campus Choir was known for being a worshipful choir with students hungry for experiences with God. I tried out with an original song. Nothing super exciting happened. They would post the new members later in the week. Well, I made it. Again, I was a little shocked. There was so much talent at Lee, it was just hard to know how you measured up.

I traveled with the choir for the next year and half. I developed strong friendship and a group of us got an apartment together for my last year. With this group, I sang before larger crowds than I ever had, I witnessed incredible moves of God, and met many big names in Christian music because of the opportunities this choir provided. This was the opportunity I had always wanted – to travel and minister to the Lord. This was easily my passion and soccer was back in the distance. I quit the Lee Flames soccer team, trading the joys, perks, and rewards of playing a senior season for the contentment of something much bigger than I and ministering to more lives than I ever could on my own.

Overall, the Lord gave me an opportunity to simply rest during this time and learn. The Lord spoke through me to the choir on a few different occasions, but mostly I just served and enjoyed the company of those who had amazing talents. A few of the members went on to major music careers, and others became pastors and church leaders, some having some prominent roles in God’s church today. I never asked the Lord to minister to thousands or change a generation, but He allowed me the opportunity to witness and experience much of that in one year.

Once again, the Lord had answered my prayer from that Christmas break and made my latter days at Lee better than the former.