Story 29 :: Terror Strikes Our Nation

It was a sunny Tuesday morning. It was four day before our wedding. Karen was on the way over to the house to go over some last minute details. My aunt walked through the front door from the night shift at Emory with an anxious look. She quickly spoke, “Have you seen what’s happening?”

“No,” I replied.

“A plane just flew into a building in New York.”

We turned on the TV and began watching the news. Karen arrived shortly afterward.

Soon we witnessed the second plane fly into the second trade center tower.

It was September 11, 2001. Our wedding was scheduled for Saturday, September 15.

We learned later that day that the events of that Tuesday afternoon were the result of a terrorist attack which forever changed the way the United States handled air travel. We were asked by random strangers if we were going to cancel the wedding.

Many of our out of town guests were already in town for the wedding and thus we decided to continue with the wedding.