Story 31 :: Struggle

After the honeymoon, the struggle of managing our life together began.

From the very beginning, Karen and I agreed to be a team. No matter what. We were together in everything.

Karen had taken a break from school and I was still serving and traveling with a ministry that gave honorariums as it could afford to. So, there was not an abundance of money coming through.

Despite the financial struggle, our marriage was strong.

We communicated with each other and trusted God to provide.

We checked the mail often expecting to see the results of God “prompting” someone to send us a check, but nothing was ever there.

Two weeks after our wedding, my mentor, Larry, called me up and said he was on the way over. He said that the Lord wanted to share something with me. He arrived and after a few minutes of chitchat he began to pray. Then he said:

“The Lord is going to show your next step, the next thing for you to do. It will happen in two days.”

Wonderful! I thought.

God is going to provide for me in a big way! Go God!

Day one. Nothing significant happened.

Day two. Nothing significant happened.

In fact, nothing happening except one thing.

I got a call from our photographer that our pictures were ready and that if we paid off our balance we could pick them up. While on the phone with him, he asked me what I did. I told him I was in ministry but build websites on the side. His interest was peaked and he said, “I need a website. Perhaps, I’ll follow up with you in a month or two.”

At the time, I was perplexed and felt God had lied to me.

I called Larry and told him that God didn’t keep his promise. God didn’t do anything for me in those two days.

He asked me what happen during those two days. I explained to him nothing happened but the call from the photographer. It had actually been unusually quiet.

Larry said, “Hmm. It sounds like He did.”

“He did?” I questioned. “How?”

Larry never said much after that no matter how much I prodded. It was between God and me.

A few more weeks passed and another rent payment was coming due. I told Karen that I think I need to go find a job. I had great success with a temp agency in Duluth. They always found work for me and kept me busy during college.

So, I put together my resume and had a thick portfolio of all of my marketing and promotional work. I was sure to get something. On the way out, Karen was sitting on the couch reading a book. I kissed her and asked if she wanted to come and interview as well.

“Sure,” she replied.

We through together a 10 minute resume for her and off we went.

I had a great interview and promised almost immediate employment.

Karen had a good interview as well.

They told us they would let us know if something came up.

Before we even got the door open to our apartment, the temp agency had called and offered Karen a job.

Sweet! I thought. I’m sure it won’t be long.

Truth is … the temp agency never called again!

Karen began her temp job with that company and eventually ended up being hired to a full-time position as a receptionist a few months later.

We had just gotten married in September, now barely making ends meet, and the holidays are coming up.

Surely, I can get hired for the busiest time of the year.