Story 26 :: Meeting Karen

On the road, Larry and I were returning from an out of town meeting. We were just talking when out of the blue he began to prophesy me. He simply said, “The Lord is bring your wife to you.” Believe it or not, I was interested in getting married. I wanted to be in ministry and serve the Lord. However, there was a girl at church I had my eyes on.

One Wednesday night, I was in a worship service at Victory World Church, and she came in with her sister and a few friends. Her name was Karen and she was beautiful. We knew each other from youth group at a different church, but I always thought she wouldn’t be interested in me. However, she actually recognized me and she and her friends came over and sat by me. After service, I asked for her number and said we should hang out. I went home and lost her number. I didn’t see her after that.

A few months later, I found her number in a book and called her. Our first date ended up being a group date with her friends. We went to a young adults meeting at North Point Church called 7:22 (because it started at 7:22 PM). For the next few weeks, Tuesdays were group date nights.

So, I finally asked her on a date that was just her and I. I was going to take her to the circus. A few days before, I decided to surprise her with a gift at work. I taped up a package box with peppermint patties and a rose with a note about how I was looking forward to our time together. I left the package with the front desk and went home. I figured she would be surprised and wooed. She called me shortly after I left and happy for the gift. We made plans to get some ice cream that evening after she got off work. At Baskin Robbins, she proceeded to inform me that I was coming on too strongly and that she was not interested in dating. She wanted to be friends.

I said that I could take my niece to the circus and she didn’t have to go on the date. But, she wanted to go the circus, so I said ok. That was her big mistake. I smiled and said to her, “Wonderful! I am going to win you!”

It was the night I took her to the circus that she began to be interested in me. We were off to a good start and all I had to do next was introduce myself to her parents. That should easy. I was quite a catch. Parents love me.