Story 25 :: Full Time Ministry

I became worship leader for Raffa after graduation. I also began to travel nearly every weekend with Larry. He would minister in various churches and I would play the keyboard so he could prophesy as the Lord led him.

Raffa was undergoing many changes during this period. It was growing and people were wanting more than a monthly meeting. So, regular teachings began and over a bit of time we began to realize the Lord was establishing a spiritual school among us. This desire gave birth to Raffa Discipleship School. The purpose was to assist the local church in the discipleship process. I was involved in the formation of the year long curriculum in which various subjects were taught including You Can Hear The Voice of God and Promptings of the Holy Spirit. The school had tremendous success and those enrolled grew at astounding rates.

Not long after establishing the school, Paradyme shut down and I was out of my day job. Part of me was excited because I could now do ministry full time. I lived on little and had moved in with my Aunt shortly after college and while working at Paradyme. So, my living expenses were low. I just had a small rent payment and my necessities. I ended up saving a good bit of what I made.

However, I was still looking for a job as ministry was not paying much if anything. It was just a love of mine to be doing it. About six months later, I got a call from the CDC in Atlanta which had reviewed one of my resumes. After a few discussions, they offered me a job. I was totally not expecting that. I was fulfilled with ministry. So, they needed a decision. I was stumped. What do I do. I phoned a friend and we chatted for a little while. He just let me talk. When I was finished he simply said, “I think you already know what you need to do.”

I called the CDC HR person back and respectful withdrew my application. That day I purposefully stepped forward into fulltime ministry. No reimbursement. No guaranteed money. It was Jesus or bust. By His grace, everything was provided for. I never went back to a brick and mortar job. I was now traveling, ministering, and building a discipleship school that I deeply loved.