Story 19 :: Pi Kappa Pi

I returned to Lee for spring semester with a renewed outlook on life and determined to make it a better year. Within the first week of being back, I got a knock on my apartment door. I went to open it and there stood three guys from Pi Kappa Pi, one of the fraternities on campus. We talked for awhile and they asked if I would be interested in joining the brotherhood. I was shocked at first. My initial reaction was no. I was not a fraternity guy and didn’t have a positive outlook of the greek clubs on campus. However, they asked me to consider it and come interview. I ended up being interviewed and enjoyed the process. A few weeks later I was out on the pedestrian mall with all of the potential hopefuls. It was the place to be on campus. Hundreds of students packed in that one tight area. All the greek clubs would march through the crowd searching for the fellow students they wanted to “tap” and join their fraternity. I actually was nervous. Suddenly, the guys in green (the colors of Pi Kappa Pi), surrounded me. I was startled and a bit excited. They were all stone faced and serious. The president looked at me and said, “Robbie, we would like to have you be a part of the brotherhood. Will you join the mighty men of Pi Kappa Pi?” I responded, “Yes!” And the brotherhood erupted in shouts over me! I was blown away. I walked with the brotherhood as we tapped four more guys. The five of us represented the 21st tap of Pi Kappa Pi. I went through two weeks of induction with those five guys and we all were officially accepted into the brotherhood. My nickname was “Atomic Dog” (of course, I can’t tell you how I got that name, but trust me, it is quite a story). I would go on to be secretary of the club and enjoy the company of great friends with this brotherhood for next year and a half and with some even to this day. Little did this group know, but they were an answer to my prayer for friends and a band of brothers. They made my final years at Lee more enriched and fulfilling than the first two.