Story 18 :: Search for a Mentor

For the first time, I felt the restoration of the Lord. He was with me. I felt His approval. He was not mad at me. He was not trying to “teach” me a lesson. He was active in my life, leading and allowing me to suffer wrongs. I finally felt I was not alone in my journey. Dr. Moore seemed to be the spiritual mentor and father I was needing.

One day, I asked to talk to Dr. Moore after class. We went to a sitting area where we were alone. I shared my heart and explained to him that I wanted him to be my mentor, to teach and train me to follow my prophetic calling and hear God’s voice better. His listened to me then became very silent (as if listening to the Lord). Then, he turned to me and simply said, “I would love to, but I am not the one for you. The Lord has another for you and he will come when it is time. But, I am not the one to do this. I am sorry.”

I was kind of stunned. In my opinion, I was sure he was the one. Again, I felt alone in my walk of faith. I was never alone physically, but it seemed I did not have a lot of people around me that understood the turmoil I was in. There were a few others I approached during these days, but no one felt they were the one or knew exactly how to mentor. I began to realize that mentorship was more that biblical studies, serving in a church, paying your dues. Mentorship in it best example is a father-son relationship. Mentorship is doing life together and growing and practicing your gift and calling in a safe, encouraging atmosphere. God was obviously training me during these times to rely on Him, and sometimes we just have to keep moving forward and trust it will all make sense in the end.