Story 17 :: The Turn Around

At the beginning of my Junior year, I enrolled in Old Testament Theology with Dr. Rickie Moore. It was by far the best class I took at Lee during my four years at Lee. During the next three months, the Lord would begin to bring back the purity of my calling, my prophetic voice, and the confidence that He was with me and faithful to complete that which He began in me.

On the first day of class, Dr. Moore had all the students write on a piece of paper their expectations of the class and what they expected to get out of it. Then he passed around a glass bowl, we all placed our papers in it. He then took it to the front of the room and ignited the papers. Our expectations went up in flames. Then, as if God was letting us know He was with us, the bowel cracked. We all saw it. We all felt this class was one of destiny. From this single class many of the students are now in one way or another preaching or sharing the Gospel.

During the course of the semester, the Lord gave me several songs that I wrote in my alone time with him. I went to Dr. Moore one day and shared a few with him. He wanted me to share them with the class. So, the next day he took the entire class into the theology auditorium and allowed me to play for the class. It was the first time I played publicly since the disciplinary action of spiritual leaders in my life. To may amazement, it was like it was before but different and without the judgment. I sat at the piano and the Spirit of God filled the room. Several immediately were on their faces crying out to the Lord. No one dared to touch the atmosphere. The class went over and we all just continued in worship, crying out to God, and repenting in His presence. Several guys from the soccer team were in the room. They eventually had to leave for the game that evening. The Lord finally lifted and allowed Dr. Moore to released me from the keyboard. I remember running out onto the soccer field just as the game was starting. I had to talk to the coach, but thankfully the other players got to him first and let him know why I was late.