Story 15 :: Perfected Praise

It was now my sophomore year, and the band was growing. I was writing many songs and the Lord allowed me to minister them in PFC. The students grew to love the songs and it was suggested that we try to record. I knew absolutely nothing about doing that. Fortunately, our sound man was involved with audio and stage at the Dixon Center (the theater at Lee). He scheduled us and the band got together and pulled an all nighter, recording several songs. We wanted the style to be more spontaneous worship during some of the songs. It was great evening. It was not a stellar recording, but I was very thrilled with the experience! I had never done it before and the group was a joy to work with. They each were incredible in their gifts (much more skilled than I was). It was a joy to have them be so committed and join their talents to this little project. My roommate at the time took great pleasure in the evening and surprised us with a cake a plaque to commemorate the evening. It was truly one evening I will never forget and could not be more appreciative of the group and all those that contributed with their talent.

One day the group was back in the Atlanta area to pick up a van or something for PFC. My youth pastor invited us to sing a song for the youth service. We had enough time to do a song and then leave afterward. We sang a song I wrote entitled, I See the Lord. It was tremendously powerful. I called up my youth pastor and figured he would want to just take over the keys and continue in the worship atmosphere. I didn’t feel him close to me so I turned around and saw him back in the lights of the stage. I only saw his silhouette and hands on his stomach. I thought he was worshipping and just letting it flow. I then turned back around and continued as the Lord lead me. The youth and leaders were all laid out on the floor worshipping. It was a powerful spontaneous, unrehearsed time with the Lord. One of the leaders afterward told me that it was one of the most powerful atmospheres they have had in the group in a long time.