Story 8 :: The Bible Club

I was in eighth grade and pursuing God with all of my heart. It was not uncommon for my parents to come in at night before bed and find me studying the scriptures. I was waking up an hour before school to pray. I was preparing myself for whatever ministry He had for me. Little did I know, God was working to have me begin something my middle school never had.

I already had a reputation for being a Christian. I remember several conversations at the cafeteria table where fellow students would ask me about Christ and I would share His story and my experiences with Him. One day, a little crowd started to form around the table, and one of the students said eagerly, “You should start a Bible study club. I would come to it.” Others agreed.

I didn’t know what to say. I had never started anything. I didn’t know how to even start a club at the school. Luckily, I was not alone. A couple of friends at the table help put everything together. We got approval to meet in a classroom after school. A few weeks later, we started the first Bible club with close to 50 kids the first day and held the school’s first “See You At The Pole” rally. It was quite a year. I don’t remember too much about the meetings other than having them. I knew I enjoyed the group and would love to join such a group when I moved up to high school.